I am Ioana, I am educated in Hypnotherapy, Rapid Transformational Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Coaching and Healing. Even though my education is extended I pride myself the most with my work’s achievements and that is transforming my client’s lives for the better. As you can read from the testimonials of my patients, the results are life changing. I am passionate about my work and I treat every client with the utter most respect and interest that every unique individual deserves. I understand that we are not our beliefs or behaviors, we are not our chronic pain, our addictions, our phobias or anxieties, therefore throughout my sessions I free people of their unwanted, harmful, debilitating beliefs, habits and behaviors in order to empower them and make them aware of their own potential and responsibility over their lives.

My ultimate goal is to heal people overcome their fears, their pain and become the best possible version of themselves, come out of the victim mentality and get their power back, regain equilibrium and balance inside

What I believe in, and how do I do it

Strategic Intervention Relationship&Lifestyle coaching- learn how to change perspective, and understand that perception defines your reality- the only thing that you can truly control are your thought- and this is how you can create your reality.

Personalized audio recordings- to help reprogram the subconscious mind to work for you not against you, plant the seed of your intentions and help them grow

Building a constant meditation habit helps you destress and train your brain to focus better, makes you less reactive and release repressed emotions, not to mention that it also reduces the stress effects on the body such as early aging and a weakened immune system – these are studied effects of meditation

Having someone to coach you and answer your questions, help you gain perspective for the problems you struggle with, is monumental in overcoming them, all great athletes have a coach to support and scaffold their way towards greatness. A good mentor helps you become better and challenges you when you need to push yourself harder and forward, holds the space for you until you have the strength and ease to fill it for yourself.



Upcoming Coaching Sessions & Seminars
Confidence and Motivation

Learn how to tap into your inner resources, build up self worth and high self esteem. Make your mind drive you twords reaching your goals and descover how to be succesfull in life. get ready to conquer the world. 

Healthy Eating

Stop the unhealthy eating patterns. Make a new sustainable lifestile by shedding all the harmfull beliefs about food. Choose to make healthy eating habbits and love yoursel for it.

Change your relationship with food forever.

Dealing with stress

Understand the irelevance of stress, and how harmfull it is to your wellbeing and overall health. Learn how to manage yourself and deal with all the situations of everyday life.