Integrative Personal Relationship Coaching program………………………………………..6500kr/1000$

I use Hypnotherapy, in combination with Strategic Life Coaching and Mindfulness and Meditation training to create the comprehensive approach of Integrative Personal Relationship Coaching, that is a bottom up type of approach that starts with repairing the relationship with the physical body,  emotional body, teaches the mind to rewire the brain and builds awareness.

This is a 11 weeks program that includes 1 Hypnotherapy session, 10 coaching power meetings, includes 2 personalized hypnotherapy recordings <one at the beginning of the program in the first session, and one at the end, a final cure that will enforce the transformation>. During the program you have access to my online meditation classes, masterclasses and all guided visualization recordings. The program is available live or online, both methods offering the same transformative results.

With Integrative Personal Relationship Coaching we work together and find ways to reframe your current situation, find new ways of seeing your issues in order to unravel the best version of yourself .  The inner voice and inner dialogue is running the show until you take action and get your power back, you are not your mind, so don’t believe everything it tells you. 

Take your Power back and start living the life you were meant to live, in a healthy body with your mind supporting and cheering for you not against you.

What can you expect if you choose my 1 on 1 coaching program:

-getting to the root cause of your issue

-owning your story and starting to write the action instead of observing it passively from the sidewalk

-learning simple and effective de-stressing methods for mind and body

-uncovering the behavioral and thought pattern that was directing your actions

-reprograming your mental pattern into one that is in resonance with your goals and life vision

-learning how to collaborate with your mind so it will start to work for you and to stop sabotaging you

– coming out from the victim mentality and start taking actionable steps to achieve your goals

-taking responsibility for your own wellbeing and owning your success

-getting clarity about your life vision 

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