Quantum Healing and Meditation workshop ………………………………………..500kr/75$/class


The Workshop is designed to explain in a more understandable way the principles of Quantum Physics that the ancient alternative medical practices are based on. it is a blending between ancient and modern healing modalities on 4 layers of existence:physical, energetically/emotional, mental and spiritual.

I will explain how and why Ayurveda the ancient Vedic science of life, works from a scientific perspective . among others you will learn about your Dosha body type, your Gunna type of vital force and mental pattern. Regain balance and congruence in all layers of existence and learn how to find inner peace.

Train your brain to perform better, to function better and to be more healthy. With only 20 min daily practice of Mindfulness and Meditation you can have better memory, more focus in your tasks, have a healthier body, develop more empathy, tolerance and patience in your relationships.

Everyone can meditate; the only thing that you have to do is to show up.

The workshop is held every first Sunday of the month in my studio in Amager on √ėresundsvej no 3. 

Special Meditation and Quantum Healing workshop for Cancer patients is held every last Sunday of the month.


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