‘All of You’- Sustainable Life Changing Program……………………………………………30.000kr/4600$

12 months program for transforming 12 key areas of your life by changing your the relationship with your: Body, Food, Family, Work, Significant other, Self, Purpose, Friends, Spirituality, Intellect, Emotions, Habits

The entire program focuses on the idea that in all areas of our life we are governed by the relations we build, being with persons, objects, or belief systems. The more dysfunctional the relationship is, the more issues rise.

My approach is based on Alfred Adler’s Individualism Psychology combined with the 6 Human Need Theory. I believe that every individual creates their reality from the meaning they attribute to the events and happening in their lives. By changing your perception about the areas in your life, you change your behavior in relationship with that object or person in order to meet your mental picture.

Helping you take responsibility for your life, owning your story and starting to live, instead of watching passively your story unraveling is what, finding balance and sustainable action steps to produce change is my promise to you. It will not be easy or even pleasant, there is no way to do it but through  the ‘mud’, you will feel like you want to give up, but you will not, because if you went this far you know you can make it.

How can I help:

Rapid Transformational sessions- to find those subconscious beliefs that no longer serve you

Hypnotherapy- to change the old beliefs to new ones that actually are in agreement with what you want

MindBody therapy- learn how to reconnect and be aware of your body, pay attention to what is saying to you

Strategic Life coaching- learn how to change perspective, and understand that perception defines your reality

Meditation and Mindfulness Coaching- build a life long practice that ensures a homeostasis state of being

Personalized audio recordings- to help reprogram the subconscious mind to work for you not against you

Guided manifesting visualization- to help you create and manifest the life you want

Who do  I serve and help?

The ones that are ready to make a change, that can’t go through the ‘motions’ of lifeless living one more day, that feel deep inside that there must be more to life than the rat race, and take the responsibility of their lives in their own hands.

I am Ioana, and can’t wait to help you cross to the other side- where you begin to live again.