The Joy Principle

Have you ever wondered what joy is, how we can enhance it and why it exists? Well there is someone that actually has dedicated some time and effort into building awareness around this emotions, his name is Tony Swaby and he has created the Joy Principle website where you can take a 5 day joy […]

The inner work

You get at some point in your life when you have ticked all the boxes, got married, got the kids, have the stable job, the house, the car and pension plan, and now what? The tough questions start to slowly creep in, the general state of dissatisfaction, even though you should be happy, you have […]

The energy secret

What is the deal with energy? Nowadays everyone is talking about energy, how can we save it, produce it, maintain it?  But what is energy? If you look from a quantum physics perspective it says everything is energy, as we are all made up of atoms that are just that.  Yet, that is a hard […]