The Joy Principle

Have you ever wondered what joy is, how we can enhance it and why it exists?

Well there is someone that actually has dedicated some time and effort into building awareness around this emotions, his name is Tony Swaby and he has created the Joy Principle website where you can take a 5 day joy challenge so you can increase the amount of joy you experiment daily.

He has also a joy test that can determine your current joy status:)

I have interview Tony on the topic and in his opinion joy is a matter of choice, it is about being present in the moment and deciding to opt in for the good perspective you can give to every situation in your life.

Joy means creating positive present moments that will stack up into highly charged powerful memories that will add up into your ‘ joy bank’ that you can use as a protective layer to lean on when adversity hits.

Joy is the feeling we experience when we focus in the now, in the right here, joy is what we feel when we stop living in the past or in the future, it is the clarity and peace of being fully present.

Here is the first episode of Xtraordinary Humans where you can see the whole interview with Tony from The Joy Principle:

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