The inner work

You get at some point in your life when you have ticked all the boxes, got married, got the kids, have the stable job, the house, the car and pension plan, and now what?

The tough questions start to slowly creep in, the general state of dissatisfaction, even though you should be happy, you have everything you have ever wanted, but yet something is missing…

It feels like you are looking at your life through a dirty glass, you miss clarity and the bright colors of passion and purpose. You ask yourself: is this it? This is what life is all about? Really?!

Why did no one warned you about the emptiness, the dullness, the routine?

Well my friend, I can tell you this: you are not alone. I know too well those questions, that feeling of despair, the restlessness of an unfulfilled soul. For me it started with a drive to do more, work out more, learn more, create more, know more. And so I started on my own personal journey of self understanding, self analyzing and inner work. I don’t have a receipt for you, but I can say, one of the important steps for me it was getting clarity on who I really was, when I took off all the roles and masks, when I did not have to please, care or be responsible for anyone.I gave myself permission to be, I started following my heart and did the things that sparkled joy for me, I expanded my world to new things, started practicing acceptance, gratitude and forgiveness towards myself and others, I discovered the beauty in unconditional giving, the luxury of eliminating urgency from my life, the beauty of stillness and the joy of my own company. I got to be more aware of my body, of my emotions and thoughts, I discovered a whole new universe inside of myself, with so many characters that all had an opinion about what I should be, do or how to act/react. And it all came down to this one thing: I am the observer, I am not my emotions, not my thoughts , not my reactions…my soul is free and limitless once I get the habit of undressing from the Ego, the fear, the doubt. It is not easy and I have not yet mastered this practice, I am not free of the boundaries, of the expectations, of the assumptions, of the fear but now I have a purpose, I have my life vision, I have the openness to accept what is and enjoy the moment, I gained the ability of supporting others , I gained insight and I am happy to share with anyone that feels stuck , that needs a bit of kindness, a friendly nudge… there is a better world out there for each and every one of us, just reach out and grab it, come out of your cocoon and spread your wing and fly.

Wanna talk ? I am one click away:)

my best


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