The energy secret

What is the deal with energy?

Nowadays everyone is talking about energy, how can we save it, produce it, maintain it? 

But what is energy? If you look from a quantum physics perspective it says everything is energy, as we are all made up of atoms that are just that. 

Yet, that is a hard concept to grasp- from a biological perspective, energy is what sustains a system, and what fuels it to function. The human body runs on 3 major energy sources: food, water, and air.It actually converts these elements into energy to ensure homeostasis or survival. 

A human body under normal conditions can survive 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food ( there are of course exceptions). Now if you think about it- the main source of energy for our body is AIR, that is mainly the oxygen part. The body’s primary energy source is free and in abundance, even though the humankind has deliberately and intentionally destroyed a good part of the forests that provide that life-sustaining oxygen. 

Coming back to the energy part- the human body gets 90% of its daily energy intake from the air we breathe. That means that our health is dependent and related in a big part to our breath. Learn how to breathe right and you will improve your overall energy levels in the body. It seems like a no brainer even for the youngest child, everyone knows how to breathe as it is an unconscious process. 

This is half right- breathing is the only biological process related to our survival that can be both conscious and unconscious. By practicing awareness to our air intake process, we can actually improve our health. Breathing can regulate our emotional state, can reduce blood pressure and pulse rate. By practicing breathing exercises we can actually reduce chronic pain, as most of the long term illness is related to oxygen deprivation of the tissues, solve that and your pain levels will diminish. 

We operate on oxygen, it is about time we start being mindfull about how we obtain it, sustain it, use it and value it.

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