Emotional pain and the body

The issue with pain is that is so unique and personal that it is really hard to measure. We are all experiencing pain in a different manner, even the same individual can experience different pain levels of the same cause, depending on his emotional state. 

Now being that difficult to establish a scale for physical pain, we have greater more difficulties in expressing the reality of emotional pain. This one being so esoteric that it can’t even be rightfully located in a specific place. Yet it’s devastating effects impact our overall wellbeing far more profoundly than physical pain could ever do. 

Emotional pain occurs when our emotional needs and expectations are not being met when our model of reality is not being expressed, and we get stuck, or we repress the feelings generated by that inner conflict. 

Our emotions, however, have a physical form, as neurotransmitters and whenever an emotion is being felt, a certain chemical is being released in the body. Here is where the connection between emotional and physical plane starts. 

Now imagine your biology as a community of unitary cells, that live in the environment of your body. Your emotional state being the atmosphere of your biology( on the inside), that influences the behavior of all your inner world’s inhabitants. If you are in a good and stable mood emotionally, your cells are thriving, growing and minding their own business, however, if your emotional state is bad, low and unstable your cells are reacting to the ’environmental pollution’ by adapting to the new rough conditions in order to ensure survival and minimal functionality until the situation regulates, or they are able to adapt enough to be able to work under these new conditions. 

Going back to the pain factor- the body sends signals to the brain ( that we perceive as pain) when something is not functioning as it should be, to make sure we pay attention and do something about it, in order to regain the homeostasis ( business as usual) state. Now when the inner environment is the one that is not stable, the cells that are most impacted by the ’pollution’ start to change and mutate signaling physical pain as they are asking for help and resources in order to restore their normal functionality, and this we experience as emotional pain. 

A person’s emotional state comes most often from the interaction with their environment: relationship with family, friends, colleagues, living and working conditions, social and political climate, pollution levels and many other factors. Considering this, our inner environment gets to be impacted indirectly by our outer environment. The only thing that is in our power to control in this process is the meaning we attribute( emotional imprint) to the outer factors so they have a better impact on our inner world. You are the guardian and protector of your biology, you decide what tools/weapons and what boundaries you set up in order to keep your cell community happy and healthy. That is where your true control lays, deciding what you allow to influence your wellbeing. 

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