Stress and meditation

Stress- everyone heard of it, felt it and experienced its effects in our lives. But why is it so important to contain and lower the stress levels?
What i know for sure is that long exposure to stress makes us sick- 80% of doctor visits are due to stress-related causes. Chronic pain has as the main cause,chronic stress- so let us not manage the effects and start working on the cause.
In our day and age there is no one unaffected by the constant informational attack that is omnipresent all around us. You carry in your bag or pocket a small device that never leaves your side, and has the ability to imprison your attention, change your mood and affect your mental and physical state, all without you even being aware of it. We are the slaves of technology and not even realizing it, we surrender our sovereignty every single day, from morning to night fall.
This is why the world’s overall health and well being is turning into chronic illness, because the constant informational attack is making our nervous system operate from a fight or flight state on every day basis, affecting our biology and mental health.
What is the solution then? …as we live in the era of information and technology and in order to function we rely on these devices , but if we use them we get sick in the long term…but there is a way to still be functional in today’s society and have a healthy body and min, and I will tell you my little secret:)
The simplest most effective way to reduce the stress in the mind and body is…wait for it…MEDITATION?!!!
That means a recurring meditation practice- why?? because it gives you time to pull your mind out of the whirlpool of informational attack, from your past regrets and future plans- and creates space for you to be in the present moment in the here and now. So why is that helpful- it is because if you pay attention at the present, you realize that you are safe, and everything is perfect right now, and if you can enjoy the ’here and now’ this becomes the past and creates your future, so you actually build a long-term feeling and habit of feeling great that is going to change your life.
How this is going to improve your health? – that is easy, when you switch your biology from ’fight or flight’ closed operating state and live from a ’feed, grow and calm’ state your body switches all its resources from defense to heal and grow- so that means it actually comes from ’war’ mode to ’peace’ mode.
If you want a more plastic example – imagine what happens to a country during wartime ( everything is not working, nothing is growing, the only interest is survival and defense) while on peacetime, the economy is growing, the people have enough food, are safe, and create and learn. So how do you want your body to function- from ’war’ mode or ’peace’ mode?
It is time to choose and step out of the mindless state of mechanical living, that is slowly making you ill and take responsibility for your actions and own wellbeing, start a mental and meditation practice now.

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By working with a high degree of self esteem, you could live life to your potential.
How’s it going dignifying anyone, but only oneself.

With an excellent self esteem you are smart enough to
face challenges.

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I conceive you have remarked some very interesting points, regards for the post.

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