New Year, New Start…

Everyone feels the energy of the new year, it is the time of change, of improvement, the vibe is floating in the air of the promise of a new start. The sweet exciting expectation of hope is buzzing in the air, a sense of rebirth that comes with every new year, a time when we can put behind old habits and start a clean slate.

…and 2 weeks into the new year all promises forgotten, we go back to the familiar, the habits and the programing of our formative years…change will never happen on our terms if the comfort of the familiar is stronger then the excitement of the new. This is why change most often happens in a crisis, where our old life is, without our will, altered, transformed by forces and events higher then ourselves, not realizing that in our race for acquiring stability and the safety of the familiar, change is the only certainty we can count on. The more we reject it, the more powerful the shock when it hits us, as the pain comes from the unexpected, from the illusion of control that we cling on with our fists, but change so often catches us off guard, leaving us picking out the peaces of our now broken narrative.

This is why now is time for action, for intentional change, for building small and solid habits that in time will create a snowball effect of more meaningful ones. There are no more excuses left, you that are in pain that need a hand, support, anchoring, understanding, space, healing, community, strength, guidance, growth and structure join me:

Join me in building a fearless, empowered better world!

This is not for everyone, this is for my special tribe, my community, for the ones that want more than a rat wheel life, that are committed in investing into themselves, that understand that life is more than a mindless loop, that want to train their minds to work for them not against them, that are willing to change their lifestyle and are not afraid to ask for help.

Join me in my journey towards growth, understanding, healing, empowerment and inner peace. I commit to being your strength, your anchor, your guide, your friend, your mentor, to support, sustain you and listen to you, when there is no one left.

The life you want is available to you, it is attainable and waiting for you- but in order to get it, you must be committed, determined and ready for change. I will be right there pushing you forward, surpassing your fears, and helping you transform into the best version of yourself there is. It will not be easy or fast, but we can do it together- I promise!

Be my people and you enter a community where you can express yourself freely, you get heard and you never stop learning or growing. I will hold you accountable and help you get past your limiting beliefs and useless habits.

How will this work for you:

A constant meditation habit helps you destress and train your brain to focus better, makes you less reactive and release repressed emotions, not to mention that it also reduces the stress effects on the body such as early aging and a weakened immune system – these are studied effects of meditation

Guided visualization, was proven to be one of the most effective ways to improve the neuroplasticity of the brain into changing old patterns of behavioral and thinking into a new improved ones more intense with your desires

Having someone to coach you and answer your questions, help you gain perspective for the problems you struggle with, is monumental in overcoming them, all great athletes have a coach to support and scaffold their way towards greatness. A good mentor helps you become better and challenges you when you need to push yourself harder, holds the space for you until you have the strength and ease to fill it for yourself.

Continuous learning is the key of a healthy mind, as it keeps your brain active. on the idea use it or you loose it the brain in this regard is like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it gets.

The best way to really learn something is by opened discussion, receiving new ideas and sharing your own perspective, in a safe environment that is focused on growth and expansion and understanding.

The mind learns by repetition, the more it gets familiar with a new pattern the easier will be to adopt it. Audio hypnotic recordings are one of the most efficient ways of building new thinking patterns and deprograming your old ones.

Therapy costs can be prohibitly expensive, my belief is that therapy is a vital need of our time and age and the cost should not be a decisive factor into accesing it, that is why I am committed in helping as many persons as possible, and if I commit my energy, effort and knowledge to this program, I am expecting the same from you, there are no more excuses, this program is affordable to everyone, I am here to support and help you out, but the hard work, the need for change and showing up part is on you, so do join me if you accept the challenge.


I will

be there 3 times per week for the online meditation class

be there once a month to guide a healing visualization session

be there once a month to answer your questions live

share with you once a month a review of one of the books I read

be there once a month to host a specific theme seminar – the theme we choose together

make a special recording every month to help you get better at life

offer to all my people 25% discount to all my therapy sessions

give a free RTT session once a year to all my people that have committed to my program for one year, after every 12 months of being a member in our tribe, you have a free 1 on 1 session with me.

The price of the membership is 49$ per month and all the meetings, trainings and courses are held online, (recordings will be available if you can’t join the live session) and you gain entrance to our secret group where we can all connect.

I am Ioana, the ‘PainHealer” and I Clean minds

Take my hand..


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