The Ego story and why we should heal it

I had a discussion yesterday about ego and its purpose in our life. In my understanding the ego is strongly related with our survival instincts and protection mechanisms, it makes us act defensive, all the time looking out to protect ourselves or to strike first so we repel the threat. I do believe it had a specific role in our survival as a species on the evolution ladder, but under modern circumstances it just holds us back, stoping us from reaching our full potential- and believe me when I say it is an amazing one. The ego is the one making us more reactive and allowing our buttons to be triggered, making us operate from a narrow rigid perspective giving us the false idea that the world evolves around us. I am not talking here from the perspective of an expert in any way, it is just my personal input on the matter and how my journey into personal development has broaden my horizons. One of my teachers has been Time and observing how everything seems to loose its intensity with the passage of it. I am quite a determined person, I am an overachiever and impatient when it comes to things I want to get done. Because of these personality programming, I used to get defensive when things were not going my way, when persons were not automatically agreeing with my solutions or did not execute fast enough my desires..and it was all coming from my ego, my idea that I am right and others are wrong, that my perspective is better and they were blinded by their limiting beliefs not seeing the forest because of the trees. I was operating from a limited perspective, being self-centerded and needing to be right, and with the accumulation of knowledge, I was becoming more self-righteous, believing that I knew better than others what is right for them, that I held the universal truth and felt superior to others, feeling annoyed when I was not receiving the admiration I thought I was deserving for my ‘enlightened’ ideas and solutions. When I look now back at my journey I feel like I just reached now the stage of a 7 yo that now learns his ABC, just nearly starting to understand that I have so much to learn and there is so much more out there than me and my ego. I had a hard time divorcing my Ego and we are still in the process of separation, often enough, going back for short episodes and basking in the familiar behaviors. I am not sure I have found the right path, it is a process of trial and error, I go on the idea of doing what feels right, transcending my fear, connecting with myself and loving and accepting me more, trying to let go of judgements and assumptions about others remembering that we are all unique, special and equals at the same time, that no one is better than anyone and we are just on different journeys, here to learn different things. I am not denying or ‘burying’ my ego I am just transcending it like our ancestors have let go of the use of the four limb walk in favor to the vertical one, as that is what evolution means, finding the next best version and using it as it brings more value to the specie. Another important aspect I have realized on my ‘journey’ is that the self and ego are in antithesis, the self operates from a place of peace and openness, from a deep knowledge of being enough, lovable and worthy, where vulnerability is a virtue not a weakness and is the very center of our being the core that is eternal, whereas the ego is always on the defensive or attack mode like a protective shell, highly reactive to outside stimuli, and relying on the exterior environment for inner satisfaction, making us operate from a victim state, where everything and everyone is to blame for our feelings and current misdemeanor, constantly reshaping itself as we paddle through life. The Ego is non vital even detrimental to us as a species and it seems to me that in the current day and age a global shift in awareness is happening as the humanity as a whole starts to release the ego trait and becomes more orientated on the community and wellbeing of the entire Planet, instead of focusing on individual survival.

I am so excited of being on Earth at this incredible time in human evolution and ready to play my small part in the process of awakening the common consciousness, one self at a time.

be well, Ioana

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