I help people understand their dis-ease, build mind- body awareness and facilitate healing in their anatomy. I believe in the integrative balance approach of Ayurvedic medicine and that all illness is an imbalance manifestation in the body. I help my clients get in touch with their higher self and restore equilibrium in their whole existence.

My mission is to help people find their QUANTUM Self. I work with the quantum integrative healing method that centers around the mind-body-soul triad


Take your Power back and start living the life you were meant to live, in a healthy body with your mind supporting and cheering for you not against you.

What can you expect if you choose my 1 on 1 coaching program:

-getting to the root cause of your issue

-learning and understanding how the mind body connection works

-learning simple and effective de-stressing methods for mind and body

-uncovering the behavioral and thought pattern that was directing your actions

-reprograming your mental pattern into one that is in resonance with your goals and life vision

-learning how to collaborate with your mind so it will start to work for you and to stop sabotaging you

-rewiring your mind for success and health, coming out from the victim mentality

-taking responsibility for your own wellbeing and owning your success

-getting clarity about your life vision 

Self Connection

Depression is starting to reach epidemic size in the western world, it is the one disorder that has its roots in social disconnection and loneliness, and you can see it best in developed societies that have lost the community connections and replaced them with comfort and wealth. We work more to pay others to take care of our children and elders, we shop online, go everywhere by car, are taught from childhood that individualism is the way to thrive and success equals beating others at everything, always comparing one to the others and only succeeding if you have another one to surpass.

Anxiety is the body's response to continuous stress, it always feels under attack and it responds with fight or flight reaction when our perception of the outside environment is stressful all the time the body and mind are always on alert

Strategic Intervention Life Coaching

We all find ourselves in life getting stuck, in the middle ground between the need to change and the fear of change. Sometimes a new perspective and understanding of our current situation helps change the meaning of the current belief that is holding us back. Coaching and NLP are processes designed to help get through the changing process, although no change has ever been done without taking responsibility for it, we can guide and shed light into the road but the client has to do the work. No change will ever happen if the desire to stay the same surpasses the desire to change..


The mind responds to only 2 things: the words we talk to ourselves and the imagige we make in our heads. When the inner dialogue is negative the confidence and motivation in ones ability to perform is othen faulty. Change your pictures and your words so you can change your life. Learn to be your very own cheerleader, find strategies and action steps that will be easy to implement and will get you started on the right track.


The very first and last relationship that you are going to have, is with yourself.

How committed are you to that?

Are you living to your full potential?

Are you giving your 100%?

Are you feeling alive?

When we release all the protection layers, all the masks and we are brave enough to show up in our unique imperfection, vulnerable but authentic self- then is when we will feel the most alive.

Acknowledging your spark and nourishing its growth into the full strong fire  is going to make you limitless and free.

Are you done with the mechanic motions of your life?

Did you have enough of doing what was required?

Do you want to feel the passion of living again?

Let’s get that fire started- it is never too late to live!